Patchway Community Association

If you're looking for a conference or meeting room or maybe need somewhere to hold a birthday party, then we have several rooms for hire at very affordable prices.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a room.

Patchway Community Association


Floor area: 220.05 m2
Seating capacity: 200-220

Main Hall

This is the largest of our rooms and has a full-sized theatrical stage at one end.

It is perfect for large parties, dances or receptions. It is also ideally suited to group activities where a large floor area is required.

The use of the stage is not included in the room hire. Special arrangements need to be made if you require the use of the stage.


Floor area: 95.05 m2
Seating capacity: 100-110

New Hall

It is better suited to parties or meetings that do not need the space of the Main Hall.

It can easily cope with quite large groups and tables and chairs can be provided.


Floor area: 74.05 m2
Seating capacity: 95-105

Room 3

Light and airy, this room is ideal for large birthday parties and functions that require a longer, narrower setting.

This room has a linoleum floor and tables and chairs can be provided.


Floor area: 46.36 m2
Seating capacity: 25-30


This room is the perfect setting for a business meeting or conference.

The tables and chairs can be arranged in both a formal and informal array and an overhead projector and screen is available.

There is an adjoining kitchen which can be used to provide catering facilities.


Floor area: 24.05 m2
Seating capacity: 15-20

Pink Room

Much smaller and quieter, the Pink Room is perfect for small groups who need somewhere more secluded.

This room is equipped with comfortable, accessible chairs.

All seating capacities estimated for chairs laid out in theatre-style rows.